Personal · @mikederp Meets Point Reyes

Found out that my good buddy Mike Diep (@mikederp on Instagram) was making a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area with his girlfriend, Shannon, and knowing that I had an extremely busy schedule ahead of me (which would end up only allowing us to hang out maybe once or twice), we decided to take a trip up to Point Reyes National Seashore on the day that we were able to see each other. My cousin, Donmiguel, and one of Mike's buddies, Ben, also tagged along, and the day trip was nothing short of good time. We were fortunate to get a little fog action while near the Point Reyes lighthouse, too, which was my first time being able to witness that - a magical sight, indeed!

Sure enough, we brought our cameras and many great pictures were taken, but this time around, I felt that I engaged in more good conversations as opposed to the taking of good pictures. In all honesty, I actually enjoyed that a lot more, for the laughs shared and memories made that day were definitely what justified how objectively good the day truly was. Those simple joys, indeed, were the things that I knew would stick with me.