Travel · Helicopter Flight Over San Francisco · February 2015

There are very few things that can compare to the rush one would get flying 2000 feet above the ground, especially when the scenery below you is as beautiful as the San Francisco Bay Area. I had the pleasure of teaming up with my buddies Carl & Bryan, as we went aboard one of Golden Gate Air's Robertson R44's on a helicopter flight that took place before, during, and after a sunset. The gamble for us, however, was that we risked potentially heading back (as we would fly into San Francisco from Hayward) in the event that clouds rolled in quicker than expected, or wind speeds picked up. We decided to take the risk and, immediately upon reaching San Francisco, were greeted by an amazing ray of light over the San Francisco skyline. When we were up there, the cold didn't matter anymore, our acrophobia was conquered, and the loud noise caused by helicopter's rotor was easily disregarded; all that mattered was the beauty before us. There were a ton of amazing photographs taken during our one-hour session, however below are a few of my absolute favorites -- with the last image of the set being from the scenario that I had just explained, above. Enjoy!