Personal · Third Time's a Charm

There's always been that saying, "the third time's a charm", and this time around, the saying definitely proved itself correct! On a cold Saturday evening, just as the fog was rolling into the San Francisco Bay Area, I was fortunate enough to receive information of it at a moment's notice. As soon as I knew it, I had picked up my good friend, Jon, and we were on our way to the Marin Headlands in hopes of photographing Karl the Fog. 

The reason why I said, at the beginning of this entry, that they always say the third time's a charm, is that this was the third time Jon and I had decided to hike up Slacker's Hill. This time around, the view was exactly what we had wanted, with Karl the Fog and the Golden Gate Bridge synchronizing perfectly, together. The first two times were completely misted out, and not with the kind of mist that adds a unique, distinct look to images -- rather, the kind of mist that greatly reduces contrast and clarity, as well as preventing you from being able to see clearly. The view on our third attempt, however, was so breathtaking that we decided to wait it out until post-sunset and blue hour as we saw that the fog was moving in pretty fast. It was all worth it, as we were also able to snag a few shots of the fog engulfing the bridge's entirety, save for the tips of the two towers. Although the hike back completely winded us, especially with reduced vision as most of the twilight had depleted by then, today was surely a win in our books.