Lifestyle · Aedan's Baptism

I've never made a blog post where I highlight and center emphasis on only a single image out of a particular set, but this can definitely stand as an exception. Babies are often among the most difficult to photograph simply because of how observant they can be. The slightest thing will throw off a baby's attention span, where the baby will then lock focus onto the next thing that catches their eye.. And so on, and so forth. What struck me with this image, however, was little baby Aedan's facial expression as he stared into the flame of the candle. As Aedan was staring at the flame in awe, wonder, and excitement, it could be said that God was working through him, especially right after becoming inducted as a newly Baptized child. For a little boy that is only a few months shy of twelve months, this speaks multitudes. The Catholic Church welcomes you, Aedan!