Lifestyle · Arianna’s Cotillion

There are only so many things that can have a greater significance to one when making the transition from adolescence to adulthood. For Arianna, she simply knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted to go about with everything when it came to her 18th birthday celebration, or cotillion, as known by the Filipino culture.

Most people try to add their own little spice to everything when planning things as extensive as a birthday celebration. They strive to achieve that lasting impression, the idea of there never being enough me, me, and more me - often feeling the urge to personalize everything that seems to catch their eyes that screams "party". Arianna's cotillion, however, exhibited elements that were centered around one primary thing and one thing only: the wonderful gift of music. Before she was even a year old, she was singing and was completely enamored with the art. From that moment on, the rest was history.

Arianna's cotillion was an absolute joy to photograph, and as the night came to a close and emotion-filled tears and genuine sighs of relief filled the air, the general vibe that was emitted throughout surely left a lasting impression in the hearts, minds, and most definitely - ears - of everyone who attended.