Lifestyle · Beverly's Cotillion

When it comes to birthday parties and others of the like, any typical guest would never expect the actual amount time and effort put into the different aesthetics that make such a celebration so special.

Beverly's cotillion was a sweet blend of quality and quantity, and it was apparent that a ton of hard work was put into this one very special night. From the designs that were unique to each table, which featured works from differing artists (ranging from very early eras, like the Renaissance, to present day), to the pinpoint precision of the stunts and tricks that were displayed during the performance - everything was simply spot-on and executed in a very nice and timely manner.

Photographing Beverly's cotillion was a ton of fun and I wouldn't have had it any other way. It's always a great thing knowing you're in charge of something so important, but also something that many don't realize until they actually view the images and get a chance to ponder upon them. I'm sure that the memories captured from that lovely Friday night will be forever remembered by all who attended.