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Went to good 'ole Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park on a slightly foggy Sunday afternoon to meet up with Ms. Carlcia today for her pre-cotillion photoshoot, along with Cole (her good friend and escort for the event) and her father. Despite it being a bit foggy in the San Francisco Bay Area, the sun managed to break through the clouds in just a matter of minutes into our shoot, definitely adding a great deal of much-needed contrast and saturation to my images. Carly also rented one of the row-boats at Stow Lake with plans for a couple of images - something completely out of the ordinary and totally unexpected. Her ideas for the images soon turned into reality, and I'm quite stoked over this particular set! The photoshoot went great, Carly & Cole co-operated very well, and it just makes me that much more excited for November 3, 2012 - the date of her actual cotillion!