Lifestyle · Gardelle's Cotillion

One of the things that I enjoy most about photographing cotillions is seeing how filipino culture immerses itself in so many different areas. Today's cotillion's topic of interest? Dance. 

Gardelle's cotillion was strongly centered around movement, being a member of a dance group, which seamlessly fueled the energy in the venue throughout the entirety of the night. From the laughs that were made as jokes were cracked, to the tears that were shed during the heartwarming speeches from the eighteen candles and roses, to the ooh's, ahh's, and cheers that the guests made after the end of every performance as they simply kicked back and enjoyed the celebration of a girl's eighteen years of life - everything was done in an exquisite manner. The blood, sweat, and tears could be felt in a sentimental sense as Gardelle and her entourage gave it their all during every piece, making this cotillion a performance recital in it's own right.