Lifestyle · Jayanne's Cotillion

The year 2013 has finally arrived, blessing us all with new hopes and aspirations. With that, new opportunities and spontaneity were surely to arise. Some people like to stay on track with everything that they are looking forward to, right away. Some people choose to change bad habits and learn from their mistakes, capitalizing on them.. Commonly known as new year's resolutions. Some people anticipate the new year as a chance to prove something to themselves by starting an exciting 365 project! Everything here has to do with maintaining priorities and never falling short of what you had initially intended to do. Do you know what I say, though?

Better late than never.

Jayanne contacted me via Facebook a few days into the new year, in need of a photographer for her cotillion that would take place in less than two weeks after the new year began. The way things went, I ended up being free that Saturday night - the 12th to be exact - with only work to worry about in the morning. After that, the rest of the day was about to unfold as I stepped into the Embassy Room at Embassy Suites Burlingame.

The party was a blast to photograph and I was able to make a couple of new friends in Jayanne & her entourage, as well as get to see and converse with a couple of old friends! This time around, I was subject to improvising a bit more due to the strobe & effect lights that the DJ's had set up (which did happen to create some interesting lighting effects, but also some lighting issues as well), as the wrong angle would result in either a horribly overexposed or underexposed image! That said, the images turned out great & I enjoy them all very much.