Lifestyle · Norelle's Cotillion

From the large floral decoration showcasing Ms. Norelle's name in a large, all-capitalized font, to the sleekly planned 'cocktail hour' prior to the celebration's commencement, to the generally simplistic design of the program, everything was done in the most professional, subtle, and classy manner. If there's anything that this party had, it's the attention paid to details, details, and more details.

As a photographer, I attempt to emulate the plot, the setting, and the climaxes of the subjects I photograph, the way everyone else would see it, and the way those who weren't able to make it would like to see it. That said, for this party, I paid even more attention to the simple, little details than I feel I typically would, simply given the overall vibe and impression the venue's beautiful atmosphere suggested, to which they all contributed to the grand scheme of things. The party was a blast to shoot, especially given the large, open space and wonderful lighting.