Lifestyle · Tiffany + Theresa

Having initially planned to head to Stow Lake at around 3:30 PM for their pre-cotillion photoshoot, things seemed to go downhill for the twins, Ms. Tiffany & Theresa, on this rather calm and relaxed Friday as soon as they got out of class for the day, finishing their first semester as high school seniors. After a good four hours or so filled with fiasco and pandemonium, we met up at 5:30 PM with the intent to get this photoshoot done in an orderly and timely fashion at Stow Lake. Not so much to our surprise, it was pitch black as soon as we got there. At that particular moment in time, we were simply puzzled. We couldn't reschedule as they had plans for the weekend and needed the images as soon as possible, leaving my cousin (who worked as my assistant for the day) & I to improvise.

We ended up heading to downtown San Francisco on this chilly Friday evening and going about with the pre-cotillion photoshoot as planned. The way things went, my expectations for the photoshoot turned out much better than I had imagined - even surpassing that which I had envisioned if we were to have shot at Stow Lake when daylight was still out! The wonderful blend of bright lights shining through the darkness paired with the lovely street lights and Christmas decorations from downtown San Francisco complimented the outdoor images we took and did justice to them tenfold. Surely, there were a bunch of awkward looks from people shopping here and there, but the images were well worth it. Our imaginations were definitely put to the test this time around, making every step of the way a lesson in it's own right.

Tiffany & Theresa were a blast to shoot with and my cousin & I definitely had a great time working with them. We are definitely looking forward to what's in store for us come the date of the event - March 30, 2013!