Lifestyle · Tiffany + Theresa's Twintillion

What's crazier, more stressful, and more time intensive than a single girl celebrating her 18th birthday party in the form of a cotillion? Two twins doing the same exact thing! After much preparation, the day had finally arrived for twin sisters Tiffany and Theresa. They planned this celebration with their parents with tons of ideas in mind, but one primary idea stood throughout the rest - this absolutely had to be a day that all who were in attendance would remember!

The laughs shared, tears shed, and everything in-between that night were all built and preserved along a wonderful foundation - love. With every speech, every dance move, and every music note sung, love could be felt circulating from every heart in the room. From the overall Disney theme, to the photos we took back in December (from their pre-cotillion photoshoot) being framed on the walls, to the numerous dance and singing performances, to the emotion-filled 18 roses and candles, everything was done in a classy and manageable fashion that flowed perfectly.

I hope the photos below tell the story just as well as I was able to describe it in my words above. A truly memorable night, indeed, a night that definitely reminded me of why I truly love what I do.