Wedding · Brooke + Christian

It is always a beautiful thing seeing two people come together as one in marriage - where the purest form of love is recognized - and even more so when the couple includes such sincerity and passion in their words and actions towards each other on their wedding day, from the vows all the way up to the thank you's. On a scorching hot Saturday in Sacramento, CA, Brooke and Christian allowed for their family, friends, and treasured guests to witness their becoming of one through God's unconditional love. Their carefree personalities really shined through during the entire course of their wedding day, from pre-ceremonial preparations, to the ceremony itself, to the emotion-filled reception where a dull moment was never apparent, ultimately proving that they were the perfect match. Rolo & I had an absolute joy in the creating and sharing of these wonderful moments with you two on your special day, and we wish you two a lifetime of happiness with each other and the ones you hold dear to your heart!