Wedding · Jamelyn + Robert

Photographed Jamelyn and Robert's wedding with my good friend Rolo Tanedo on a beautiful, warm Friday evening at Murrieta's Well in Livermore, CA. Nothing seemed to have changed between the two from when we last saw them in September of 2013, for their engagement session: they were as focused as ever, as passionate as ever, and as in love with each other as ever. From the beginning steps of preparation to the final, ending song during the reception, everything was done as acts of love, trust, and dedication for each other. The same could be said about their past together, having met at a local PB Bar and Grill in San Diego, CA years ago, where Jamelyn was on a nursing assignment while Robert was stationed in San Diego for Navy training. After countless dates and memories spent, the two went through with a long distance relationship that ultimately led to Robert asking Jamelyn, on Christmas Eve 2012, for her hand in marriage - right in front of her family! Thank you again, Jamelyn and Robert, for allowing Rolo and I to highlight and capture the beautiful moments on your special day - you are an inspiration in your own right and deserve the absolute best.