Wedding · Jasmine + Anders

On a warm, sunny evening in Half Moon Bay’s Long Branch Saloon & Farms, Jasmine and Anders’ celebrated their very special day. When it comes to wedding couples, you never know what to expect, but this one was wonderful in a sense where Jasmine and Anders just wanted to take in every moment, party on, and provide their guests with the best time. Given that they were from Switzerland and planned their wedding in the United States, they had been stressing far too long for this day (they contacted me in November of last year!), that come October 1st, they knew exactly what they wanted and executed it very well. The venue was particularly awesome considering the numerous mini-games that were set up, from slingshots to mini-golf to the hi-striker hammer game, paired with a simply spot-on ambiance that consisted of string lights and fireplaces. All in all, Jasmine and Anders’ big day was quite the memorable experience for not only themselves and their guests, but definitely myself included!