Wedding · Tania + Jarin

Had the pleasure of photographing Tania and Jarin's vineyard wedding in none other than the beautiful Sonoma wine county, alongside Rolo Tanedo (@dunksrnice). From a personal standpoint, one thing that I was able to take most from Tania and Jarin's wedding was the sincerity and compassion behind their voices and actions as they were reciting their vows during the wedding ceremony. They both told little short stories about how they couldn't exactly pinpoint the first time they fell in love with each other, respectively, however it was merely due to the fact that moment after moment, they found themselves falling in love with each other over and over and over again. Tears filled the air, with the body language of their guests being just as emotional as their own, making for a very memorable wedding ceremony. Rightfully so, Tania and Jarin's special day was filled with love and inspiration - from beginning to end.