Engagement · Laura + Peter

Having known Laura and Peter since our high school days (SHCP Class of 2011, represent!), I was thrilled to find out about their engagement on social media, and even more thrilled weeks after to hear from them asking if I could take their engagement photos! I was truly honored. After much communication, as soon as we knew it, we found ourselves in San Francisco on a partially cloudy day, ready to take their engagement photos. Laura described it as "surreal", and that's pretty much how the entire photoshoot felt -- surreal, given that she will be marrying her high school sweetheart. The reality is, Laura and Peter allowed each other to grow not only together, but individually as well, complimenting each other through all of these years and learning to love each other's imperfections.

One of my favorite parts about this shoot, in particular, is how comfortable we were all with each other from the moment we met up, despite having not seen each other since graduating high school. Sure, I feel that I'm typically very good when it comes to making people feel comfortable with me and giving reassurance (it's my job, after all!), especially when I'm taking their photos, but the mere fact that Laura, Peter, and I already had a history together definitely made this shoot a memorable one.