Personal · Light Through the Keyhole

Made a quick trip down to Big Sur with my cousin, Don (@donmiguelluis), on a clear, breezy, sunny day in California. Typically, we'd check weather forecasts for evenings with more clouds in the sky, so that we could add a nice texture to our landscape photos (as opposed to just a clear and empty background), but we decided to make the two-and-a-half hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area anyways for one primary reason: it was nearing the winter solstice, which meant that during this time of the year, the sun sets in a certain position where on clear evenings, it lines up with the famous keyhole rock at Pfeiffer Beach and creates a surreal-looking ray of light that shines through the "keyhole" in the middle of the rock. We made sure to stop by the classic Bixby Bridge and McWay Falls before heading over to Pfeiffer Beach, and were definitely rewarded with an absolutely stunning sight. Photos don't do it justice compared to how the experience was in person-- definitely going to have to make it back, around this time again, next year!