Senior · Anessa

Sometimes even in seemingly undesirable photographic conditions, one's attitude can truly make or break the quality of the images they take. Met up with Anessa on a busy Monday afternoon at USF's campus, ready for senior portraits, despite having to reschedule two times due to weather complications. This time around, it was cloudy out (and had just rained a few hours prior), but we decided to stay optimistic and take advantage of the nice, cloud-diffused lighting as much as we could. To our surprise, towards the end of the photoshoot, over at Gleeson Lawn (right by USF's iconic Saint Ignatius church), the sun began to peak out a bit and gave a nice backlight to Anessa's silhouette, allowing for some interesting compositions with nicely-lit backgrounds. Special thanks to Morgan & Carlo for the referral, because if it wasn't for their couple session a couple of weeks back, Anessa & I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to shoot together!