Travel · Yosemite National Park · October 2015

Despite a long prior day of shooting, the next morning I found myself back on the road, more excited and energized than most would be after shooting a wedding.. Why, might you ask? Because this time, I was on the road to Yosemite National Park, for my second time this year, this time with some of my closest friends that I had the pleasure of walking with during USF's Spring 2015 Graduation Ceremony. 

The best part about this short trip wasn't the fact that most of the friends I was with had never been (or had been when they were very little) to Yosemite, nor the fact that we were greeted by beautiful weather and ridiculous sunrises and sunsets each morning and evening. The best part, to me, were the laughs shared and bonds strengthened between everyone as a whole - the photos were just a mere bonus.

We also came up with the hashtag #FindingOSXYosemite to commemorate this trip -- if you're on Instagram, please feel free to search this hashtag & relive our fun, quirky moments from this awesome weekend!