Wedding · Jess + Jon

On a warm Saturday evening in Napa, California, Jess and Jon celebrated their marriage. While many people have hopes of inviting a ton of people for their eventual wedding day, Jess and Jon took on a slightly different approach to their special day. Instead, they decided to keep the guest list short and sweet - inviting only their closest friends, family, and relatives - allowing for an incredibly intimate celebration. The overall simplicity highlighted throughout the day definitely stood out most for this wedding, with a "no surprises" type of mood incorporated throughout. Jon works in the professional lighting industry, where he was able to live his dream of doing the lighting setup for his wedding that would set the overall ambiance the autumn night came to a close. The custom string light setup was absolutely beautiful, and definitely added a bit of extra flare to the images captured, as well!

Congratulations, once again, Jess and Jon!