Travel · Pacific Northwest · January 2016

Decided to take a rather spontaneous road trip up north with a couple of my closest friends - Kelsey, Jon, Nick, & Xavier - in the second weekend into the new year! Going on dedicated photo trips can always be fun, but personally, I'm also a big fan of going on trips with friends who don't necessarily deem themselves as creatives, but rather, those who simple would like to do touristy things, eat a ton of good food, and go shopping. Not only does it take the pressure off of myself (in terms of capturing the best content that I can, sometimes taking the fun out of it), but I've also recently realized how very liberating it can be, having the opportunity to hang out with the people that I studied, struggled, and celebrated in college with - despite not being able to see each other everyday now that we've all got our own respective undergraduate degrees.

Even though we didn't have much time to spend in the Pacific Northwest, we still made the best out of it (special thanks to Jon's friend, James, for the hospitality and housing us when we were in Portland!) and managed to hit up a lot of awesome places. We even visited Seattle, WA during one of the days! Considering that these plans were only finalized nearing the last couple of days in 2015, I'd say that 2016 is definitely off to a great start!