Travel · The Windy City · March 2016

Made a trip out to Chicago, Illinois for a couple days with my family, thanks to my sister having her spring break from UCSD and the family wanting to take advantage of that week off! Despite the cold weather compared to the SF Bay Area and California in general (which locals over there said was actually warm, at ~40 degrees Fahrenheit), we had an amazing time and were able to visit a lot of beautiful locations, both tourist attractions and local hotspots alike. In regard to the food, don't even get me started! The Chicago Deep Dish Pizza was definitely enough to make me want to go back, easily the best deep dish-styled pizza I've had to date (go figure). All in all, a wonderful time spent in the Windy City, and an even better time given that it was quality time spent with the people that matter most.

Believe it or not, this short trip was the farthest east I've ever been in the United States, but this only makes me even more excited for this coming summer, where I'll be making trips to both Ohio & New York!