Travel · Washington State · March 2016

Just a few days after arriving back to San Francisco from Chicago, I soon found myself back on a plane bound for Seattle, WA, this time with my cousin Donmiguel (@donmiguelluis).

Just like the last trip to Washington State that Donmiguel & I took together, we seemed to have had brought the warm and sunny California weather along with us. Because of clear blue skies during the day, the only truly optimal times for us to photograph were either early morning sunrise or late evening sunset. Because we both wanted to take back a number of great images to share with you all this time around, we made it a priority to wake up early for sunrise for three of the five days we were in Washington State. The 4:30 AM wake up times were definitely not what either of us had anticipated for this trip, but the beautiful views made the loss of sleep well worth it. We knew that we had to make a trip back up to the North Cascades again, as well as his up Snoqualmie Falls. One of the coolest parts to me, though, was when we decided to drive east to Lake Wenatchee, Tye Haus, and the Foss River Train Trestle to witness all three for the first time -- definitely have to go back when we get some nice, moody (and hopefully foggy) weather!

In between sunrise and sunset, we did the usual touristy things that every local would most likely be sick of by now, and also opted to hang out with our very good friends around Seattle practically every day. Special thanks to Vinnie, Herod, Darrell, Henderson, Vickie, Henry, Justin, Long, Brian, Malissa, and Sam, who made this an unforgettable short trip. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much in such a short span of days, and it's trips like these that make me feel most alive. Definitely planning to be back here before 2016 ends!