Personal · Salt Lake City Visits Big Sur

If you've been keeping up with my blog posts, it would be apparent at most of my out-of-town photographer/instagrammer friends (whom do not live in the SF Bay Area) always seem to want to link up at Big Sur, whenever they take a trip to Northern California. Well, if you've ever been there, you'd understand why: photos don't ever do it any justice. The place never gets old, no matter how often you go, for there's always something amazing happening, waiting to humble you and render you speechless.

On a cloudy Friday afternoon, I found myself headed down highway 1 alongside Donmiguel & Viet. We were bound for Big Sur, where a couple of friends from Salt Lake City, UT were headed to for a quick little weekend getaway to the California Coast. It was awesome reconnecting with a few old friends, as well as making a couple more new ones. It's always an absolute trip whenever I think about it, realizing that if it weren't for Instagram, none of this would have ever happened. A big thanks to Braden, Garin, Zack, TJ, Kyle, Jacki, Sam, Susan, Donmiguel, Viet, and the rest of the squad for a great day. The laughs, good vibes, and jokes shared definitely made every moment worthwhile.