Travel · Hong Kong · June 2016

This post is part of another post [which you may view by clicking here]. I've decided to separate them into two so that I can highlight both of my trips to the Philippines and Hong Kong without one overshadowing the other, as well as share more specific thoughts on the two, respectively. 

Made a trip out to Hong Kong with Christina in the first couple of days during my 3-week trip to Asia, and one of the things I was most excited about being here was meeting up with our good friend, Boris! We all went to USF and graduated together, so it had been a little over a year since we last saw him. We also met up with his family, as well as his girlfriend, Karina. Thanks to them, we were able to to eat many of Hong Kong's signature dishes (breakfast and lunch, especially), get a hang of how to take public transportation, visit some extremely beautiful lookout points and tourist attractions, and even learn some general Chinese words and gestures along the way.

Having visited Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Manila, Tokyo, etc. and not to mention living in San Francisco, the whole concept of "city life" was definitely not foreign to me. What did catch me by surprise with Hong Kong, however, was that it isn't just a city -- it's an entire island! From the towering skyscrapers and concrete jungle in the north, to the predominantly beach-and-nature-filled south side, the entire island of Hong Kong would take months, if not years, to explore. I can still remember taking the bus from Stanley beach back to Sai Wan Ho, staring in awe outside of the window, completely mesmerized by the sheer beauty that was Hong Kong. Editing these photos gave me a sense of nostalgia, one that I know will linger around with me for some time to come. Christina and I will definitely be back in the future -- three full days simply wasn't enough!