Personal · Moody Yosemite

Made a quick little trip to Yosemite National Park with Rolo, Jullian, Xavier, and Donmiguel, and stayed in the newly-named Half Dome Village (previously known as Curry Village) for the night.

Thanks to El Niño, which led to intermittent snow-warnings for every part of Yosemite that wasn't the lower valley, our plans to drive up Glacier Point Road to stop by Taft Point and Glacier Point during the day, as well as on photograph the stars later on in the evening, unfortunately didn't fall through. This was Jullian's first time at Yosemite, and Xavier's first time since he was a child (technically speaking, then, this would count as his first time as he had little to no recollection of when he went). Rolo and Donmiguel were with me last December, and since that was during the winter season, we weren't able to drive up Glacier Point Road (snowed out) or photograph the stars either. 

The good that came out of this, however, was the insanely moody weather that we were surrounded with during the entire time we were in the park. Waking up early during any low-fog event certainly has its perks, and this was no different. The morning after staying overnight at the Half Dome Village canvas rent we rented, we were greeted with beautiful low fog throughout the valley, along with some rain. Simply taking nature in for what it is and standing, in awe of the beauty before us, justified the entire trip for me. Of course, the wonderful company contributed to how great this short trip was, along with tons of laughter throughout, but that was already a given. I'm already looking forward to our next time back here - albeit with less-cloudy weather - hopefully with the same awesome group of guys!