Seniors · Melanie + Michelle

Met up with Melanie and Michelle on an overcast Sunday afternoon, only to have the skies part right as our senior portrait photoshoot had commenced -- how fortunate we were! Because most students typically choose to have their graduation photos taken at either their respective school campus or the Golden Gate Bridge, Melanie and Michelle decided to go for the Embarcadero this time around. While the Embarcadero is still a very touristy and sought-after location, it's surely a lot more low-key than the Golden Gate Bridge (or even the Bay Bridge, at that) for photos, and definitely allowed their photos to stand out from what people are typically used to seeing. One thing I truly enjoy about portraiture is the fact that an otherwise "common" or "cliche" photo location can instantly become that much more interesting whenever it's not intended as the main focal point in an image. Melanie and Michelle definitely have bright futures ahead of them, and I wish them both an early congratulations for graduating from the University of San Francisco with their Bachelor's degrees one semester early!