Engagement · Camille + Angel

Having just photographed an engagement session for two USF alumni in April (and, not to mention, with their wedding coming up very soon), the last thing on my mind was when the next recently-graduated USF couple would contact me to have their engagement/wedding photos taken. We're all still pretty young, after all, and it's not too often that a couple in their early-to-mid-20's decides to get married. That is, until Camille contacted me a few weeks after because her now-fiancé, Angel, had just proposed! Camille and I graduated from USF in the same class (c/o 2015), while Angel had graduated the year before us. I had never met Angel until the engagement session, but moments in to the photoshoot, it was apparent just how much love he has for Camille, and likewise - how much love she has for him. I'm excited to say that I'll be photographing their wedding in Spring '18 in Camille's hometown, Las Vegas, NV -- can't wait!