Personal · Sutro Sunset

Just a quick set of my favorite images from a sunset outing to Sutro Baths with Christina, Rolo, and Monica. Sutro Baths will always be a special place to me as it was one of the first locations (if not the first) that exposed me to landscape/nature photography -- rightfully so, as there never seems to be a dull moment! 

Now that we are more than 3/4ths of the way through 2017, I have decided that I definitely want to take a more snapshot-styled approach to my photography and incorporate that into my blog posts, as well as social media posts. I figure that not only would it would be a great way of re-kindling the joy of bringing a camera around just for fun (as opposed to only if I'm working a gig or going somewhere with intents of only taking pictures), but it would also be a nice challenge to think outside of the box with my photographic approach. While I am forward to what 2018 has in store, it's time to live up the rest of 2017!