Engagement · Christine + Lawrence

Here's a story you don't hear everyday: Lawrence and I met in April 2018 after I had flown into Las Vegas the evening before photographing Camille and Angel's wedding; He was my uber driver! During the ride from the airport to the Las Vegas strip, we had chatted about the usual stuff -- where you're from, what you do. It just so happened that I was a wedding photographer from San Francisco, and he was getting married in San Francisco (he's a bay area native) in December 2018! Prior to the ride's end, we exchanged contacts and fast forward a couple of months later, I'm at San Francisco City Hall, meeting up with Lawrence and Christine for their engagement shoot! The light was splendid that day, both inside and outside of City Hall, and Christine and Lawrence were both naturals. While I do enjoy the challenge of orchestrating an engagement shoot and setting up poses, every once in a while it's nice to just let the couple do their thing, taking in those genuine moments.