Lifestyle · Morgan + Carlo

Met up with my friends Morgan and Carlo on a somewhat cloudy San Francisco afternoon to take some couple photos! Being fresh USF graduates that don't currently live in the same area (Morgan is from Southern California, while Carlo is from Northern California), they wanted to get some photos with each other in the city they met each other in before Morgan moved back to SoCal for the time being. The clouds actually provided for a nice, diffused light that made location scouting very easy, with the sun even peaking out a little bit during the shoot!

Lifestyle · Rinna + Jullian

Some say that opposites attract, while the latter states otherwise. Today’s subjects at hand that represent the latter? Jullian & Rinna.

From their passion for sneakers that they share which had initially started back in their good ‘ole high school days, to their ever growing love for photography and videography that strengthens just as much as their current bond and relationship does, one thing has been apparent with these two since the beginning: they epitomize the typical cliché of “you always fall for your best friend”, and transcend above that matter.

I had the pleasure of photographing their two-year anniversary on a chilly Friday night in Dolores Park just as the sun had began to set, and what I absolutely love about these two is the energy that they both bring. Each and every time I see them, whether it be a chance to hang out with them or a simple hello and goodbye, dull moments never come into play. This outing was no different from the rest, where laughs were shared throughout the entirety.

Surely, to get the full gist of it, one would have had to witness the shoot in person to get the exact, legitimate feel of the moment – that’s the way things go with just about anything. Having said that, I feel that I’ve conveyed their quirky, carefree natures in the best possible way that I could in the images you see below.