Lifestyle · #MRPORTERInstameetSF

Had the pleasure of working with the team over at MR PORTER for the #MRPORTERInstameetSF, an instameet held for numerous influencers who they felt resonated with their vision best. It was an honor to be selected among this group of truly talented individuals for this opportunity, and it was awesome being able to meet new faces as well as re-connect with old ones.

The day started off at Tartine Manufactory, where we enjoyed a delightful brunch. A quick stroll led us to Heath Clay Studio & Heath Ceramics, where we toured the tile factory and heard some inspirational words from one of the designers. Lunch was held at Flora Grubb Gardens, a beautiful open-air gardening store that provided a wonderful ambiance and even gifted us cute, little succulents. The final part of our instameet took place at none-other than the rooftop bar at Anchor Distilling Co., where we enjoyed whiskey-tasting while taking in the beautiful view of San Francisco's skyline.

I’ve been a fan of MR PORTER since I first discovered their website, and their own set of daily blog posts always provides great reads when I'm out on my own time, browsing the web. Be sure to check out their blog post, that also features some words by yours' truly, by clicking here! 

Lifestyle · Morgan + Carlo

Met up with my friends Morgan and Carlo on a somewhat cloudy San Francisco afternoon to take some couple photos! Being fresh USF graduates that don't currently live in the same area (Morgan is from Southern California, while Carlo is from Northern California), they wanted to get some photos with each other in the city they met each other in before Morgan moved back to SoCal for the time being. The clouds actually provided for a nice, diffused light that made location scouting very easy, with the sun even peaking out a little bit during the shoot!

Lifestyle · Victoria

Met up at the Embarcadero with my good friend Brittany and her sister, Victoria, today for a quick little portrait session in anticipation for Victoria's 18th birthday, as she wanted some pictures to print out, frame, and display for her party. One of my favorite things about the Embarcadero Center of San Francisco is that it features a wonderful variety of photoshoot locations. One minute, you're surrounded by nothing but skyscrapers, and moments later, you're immersed in nature thanks to the numerous parks that are located around the premises. Even though the shoot was primarily scheduled for Victoria, Brittany jumped in for a few shots because why not? They've got a beautiful relationship as big and little sister and the smiles and laughs had throughout the portrait session were definitely contagious. All in all, the images turned out great and I'd like to wish a happy early 18th birthday to Victoria! 

Lifestyle · Camille's Cotillion

With the help of my cousin, Donmiguel, as secondary photographer for the night, Camille's Tangled-inspired, Disney-themed cotillion was nothing short of a joy to photograph. I'm a sucker for Disney themes, for the setting, vibe, and music never cease to bring upon happiness and joy to all. On another note, I always love it when the other vendors (DJ, videographers, planners) during an event are willing to cooperate and work together. Not only does it make all of our jobs that much easier and more enjoyable, but when you're having fun, you naturally perform a lot better. For me, it helps keep the passion alive, and makes work not really seem so much like work anymore - just the documenting of beautiful, real moments that I know people will look back and smile at years from now.