It is a simply beautiful thing, seeing the smile on one’s face as they come across an image that they immediately know they will cherish for moments to come – whether it be a wedding image that they will show their children, their children’s children, and so on; or a landscape that causes them to stare, in wonder and awe, taking their hearts and minds into the image, bringing them to that special place. I want to be the person that takes those kinds of images; the images that I know people will be able to appreciate and marvel at, once again, many moments into the future. To me, photography can be seen as a means of time travel, where a simple glance of a snapshot can take us back to a pivotal moment in the past. 

My one, primary goal whenever photographing anything is to capture the best images that I can. I am hard working, outgoing, and possess the qualities and traits to not only make our photography experience fun and enjoyable, but also done in good time - with lovely images to boot. I look forward to hearing from you and am eager to work with you soon!

Commercial Photography (i.e. Instagram)
· Please contact me.

Wedding Photography
· Please contact me.

Party/Event Photography
· Starting at $450 (varies depending on type and length of event).
· No limit on images - I will not have a specific number of images that I plan on taking and be finished with.
· Please allow, at most, 3-4 weeks for image retouching.
· For customized requests (i.e. pre-event photoshoots) and ANY questions whatsoever, please contact me.

Senior Portraits
· Starting at $150.
· 30 minutes, one location, one outfit + graduation cap & gown.
· Props are encouraged!
· Please allow, at most, 2 weeks for image retouching.
· For customized requests and ANY questions whatsoever, please contact me.

Any other photography inquiries (i.e. portraits [non-senior], entertainment, groups, prints, etc.)
· Please contact me.