Wedding · Elissa + Marvin

Had the pleasure of photographing Elissa and Marvin's (@elissaalva + @mightykills) wedding alongside two incredibly talented friends of mine, Rolo (@dunksrnice) and Sam (@thesamgraves), on a beautiful Saturday evening in Carmel, CA. From a personal standpoint, as a fan of both Elissa and Marvin's work, I felt very privileged to have been a part in helping document their special day. It's also an awesome thing, being able to photograph alongside like-minded individuals that share the same yearn for creativity and imminent excitement whenever they pick up a camera.

Elissa & Marvin's wedding was the kind that one would envision as if they were in a dream - from the gorgeous venue, to Elissa's beautiful dress, to the details throughout the entire ceremony, everything was executed wonderfully. Sure, they strayed away from the "traditional wedding", which is what they had aimed to do in the first place, but they definitely did it in all of the right ways. Congratulations, once again, Elissa & Marvin! 

Travel · Oregon · July 2015

For me, the exchanging of good vibes and laughter beats taking pictures any day, and that's what the majority of my trip to Portland, Oregon consisted of! The funny thing about this trip was that it was actually planned on a whim, where I flew up to Oregon one-way and then drove back down with Christina, her mom, and her brother to California to get back home. Their reason for being up there in the first place was because Christina's brother, Michael, had a retreat (at the University of Portland) to make before the semester started, so she and her mom decided to tag along and enjoy what the city of Portland had to offer in the meantime. The reason why I wasn't able to drive up with them when they were passing through San Francisco (they're from Southern California) was actually because I had a wedding and cotillion to photograph on back-to-back dates, which are the earlier blog posts that you might have seen prior to this one! 

That said, it was definitely a great time getting to catch up with familiar faces (I actually have formed quite a few friendships with a number of extremely talented individuals from the pacific northwest through Instagram), meet new ones, and explore some well-known parts Oregon, especially considering that this was only my first time here. The city of Portland is wonderful, the Columbia River Gorge is breathtakingly beautiful, and the Oregon coast definitely stood its ground, especially in comparison to the California coast. Even though we didn't get Portland's signature cloudy and moody weather (it was high 90's the entire time we were there) that it's known for in photos, we made the most of what we were given and had a great time through and through. I'd also like to give a special thanks to my good friend, Jake (@jakechams), for all of the hospitality while I was visiting!

All in all, a truly memorable trip and definitely not the last time I'll be in Oregon. There are still a ton of places I want to hit up - along with many that I want to revisit - in this beautiful state, and I'm actually hoping to be back come early 2016! 

Lifestyle · Camille's Cotillion

With the help of my cousin, Donmiguel, as secondary photographer for the night, Camille's Tangled-inspired, Disney-themed cotillion was nothing short of a joy to photograph. I'm a sucker for Disney themes, for the setting, vibe, and music never cease to bring upon happiness and joy to all. On another note, I always love it when the other vendors (DJ, videographers, planners) during an event are willing to cooperate and work together. Not only does it make all of our jobs that much easier and more enjoyable, but when you're having fun, you naturally perform a lot better. For me, it helps keep the passion alive, and makes work not really seem so much like work anymore - just the documenting of beautiful, real moments that I know people will look back and smile at years from now.

Wedding · Rhea + Brian

Remember that couple from the wedding engagement session I had the pleasure of photographing at Sutro Baths, back in November 2014? Well, on July 24, 2015, they got married!

Rhea and Brian's wedding was absolutely beautiful from the beginning to the end, and the emotions shared that night clearly showed it all. The vineyard location was also a highlight for me, as I love the idea of being able to stray away from a city setting and photographing in a much more natural, green setting - of course, whenever granted the opportunity. The aesthetic is simply visually appealing and definitely inspires me in many different ways. Congratulations, once again, Rhea and Brian!