Personal · Nature: Cheaper Than Therapy

Just a couple of hours after photographing Chasi & Bernardo's wedding, I found myself on the road with some of the best people I know - heading over to none-other than Yosemite National Park to catch the sunrise. 

Despite having been to Yosemite numerous times (especially in recent years), there's just something so magical about this place that simply cannot be put into words. Every visit grants me with newfound inspiration, and this one was no different. One of our highlights from this unique trip was meeting this kind, elderly lady atop Glacier Point, on the final sunrise of our short, two-day trip. She had just finished climbing Half Dome the day before, and had plans to climb the other behemoths of Yosemite Valley - alongside her cute, little teddy-bear family. Hearing her stories of venturing throughout not only California, but also the other parts of the United States, to take in all of the beautiful views, conquer the craziest hikes, and snap photos of her teddy bears was an absolute treat - most definitely a wonderful ending to our escape from the hustle and bustle of city life! 

Wedding · Chasi + Bernardo

One of the coolest things, I'd say, about being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to photograph at so many different and unique venues. When Chasi & Bernardo told me that their wedding would be celebrated at Chasi's high school alma mater, Mercy Burlingame, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Upon entering the location, however, especially the beautiful common area that they had transformed into a reception and dining hall, I immediately knew that this would be a wedding for the books. To add to the already unique situation we were all in, it's not too often that I photograph a wedding and start at 8 o'clock in the morning - but given that Chasi and Bernardo are big fans of brunch, the change-up from the "standard" wedding schedule was definitely a breath of fresh air. Because the timeline of this wedding allowed our start time to be very early, and end time approaching the early evening, we were blessed with nice, bright ambient light in every shooting location. All in all, Chasi & Bernardo's wedding was a testament to the kind of people they are, and it was wonderful having the opportunity to capture their love through my eyes. Wishing them a truly happy and fruitful marriage! 

Engagement · Camille + Angel

Having just photographed an engagement session for two USF alumni in April (and, not to mention, with their wedding coming up very soon), the last thing on my mind was when the next recently-graduated USF couple would contact me to have their engagement/wedding photos taken. We're all still pretty young, after all, and it's not too often that a couple in their early-to-mid-20's decides to get married. That is, until Camille contacted me a few weeks after because her now-fiancé, Angel, had just proposed! Camille and I graduated from USF in the same class (c/o 2015), while Angel had graduated the year before us. I had never met Angel until the engagement session, but moments in to the photoshoot, it was apparent just how much love he has for Camille, and likewise - how much love she has for him. I'm excited to say that I'll be photographing their wedding in Spring '18 in Camille's hometown, Las Vegas, NV -- can't wait!  

Wedding · Crystal + Steven

If you remember Crystal & Steven’s engagement session that I had the pleasure of photographing last year, then you most likely remember the lovely, soft light that we were fortunate enough to shoot with on that wonderful day. Fast forward 9 or so months later, and that same kind of light made its way back to us, this time for their big wedding day!

Not much more really needs to be said, as I feel the images from this day convey not only how beautiful their wedding was – from start to finish, if I may add – but also just how beautiful they are as individuals. Given that they are both nurses, and knowing that it definitely takes a special kind of person to dedicate their life to healthcare at that kind of level, only inspires me more and more to keep at my own personal goals and endeavors.