Wedding · Olivia + Scott

If you follow me on Instagram, then you'd know that the bulk of my posts consists of landscape/urban landscape photography, with pretty much no wedding work whatsoever. It's always a surprise when a client reaches out to me for portraits, event coverage, or anything outside of commercial work after having only viewed my Instagram feed, but it's also quite flattering nonetheless. Olivia had been a long time fan of my Instagram work prior to reaching out via e-mail, and after chatting for a while, it turned out that we already shared some mutual friends! It's situations like these that remind me of how grateful I am for the platform that Instagram provides creatives with to network to the best of our abilities -- rather than just solely focusing on likes or comments from followers. For me, it has been a wonderful journey building a social media presence in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While SF Bay Area winters are often unpredictable, we were blessed with beautiful weather the entire day at none other than the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. Every detail from their wedding was well-thought out, from the rustic design of the venue to the vintage-styled decorations. This made for a truly intimate atmosphere, feeling as if their wedding took place in an off-the-grid, secluded area. All in all, Olivia and Scott's special day was a blast to photograph, my last wedding of 2017! 

Wedding · Laura + Peter

On a warm, sunny evening in October, I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding for a couple that I graduated high school with! If you remember their engagement session that I photographed over a year ago, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about -- none other than Laura and Peter.

Simply put, this was one of the most exciting weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing. Of course, every wedding is special, beautiful, and memorable in it's own right - with a lesson to learn from every occasion - but there's definitely something extra that I felt, having known Laura and Peter for almost ten years. It was wonderful seeing the faces that I graduated high school with, and even though I was photographing the event, it surely didn't feel like work.. & that's how every wedding should feel! 

Wedding · Chasi + Bernardo

One of the coolest things, I'd say, about being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to photograph at so many different and unique venues. When Chasi & Bernardo told me that their wedding would be celebrated at Chasi's high school alma mater, Mercy Burlingame, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Upon entering the location, however, especially the beautiful common area that they had transformed into a reception and dining hall, I immediately knew that this would be a wedding for the books. To add to the already unique situation we were all in, it's not too often that I photograph a wedding and start at 8 o'clock in the morning - but given that Chasi and Bernardo are big fans of brunch, the change-up from the "standard" wedding schedule was definitely a breath of fresh air. Because the timeline of this wedding allowed our start time to be very early, and end time approaching the early evening, we were blessed with nice, bright ambient light in every shooting location. All in all, Chasi & Bernardo's wedding was a testament to the kind of people they are, and it was wonderful having the opportunity to capture their love through my eyes. Wishing them a truly happy and fruitful marriage! 

Wedding · Crystal + Steven

If you remember Crystal & Steven’s engagement session that I had the pleasure of photographing last year, then you most likely remember the lovely, soft light that we were fortunate enough to shoot with on that wonderful day. Fast forward 9 or so months later, and that same kind of light made its way back to us, this time for their big wedding day!

Not much more really needs to be said, as I feel the images from this day convey not only how beautiful their wedding was – from start to finish, if I may add – but also just how beautiful they are as individuals. Given that they are both nurses, and knowing that it definitely takes a special kind of person to dedicate their life to healthcare at that kind of level, only inspires me more and more to keep at my own personal goals and endeavors.