Wedding · Elissa + Marvin

Had the pleasure of photographing Elissa and Marvin's (@elissaalva + @mightykills) wedding alongside two incredibly talented friends of mine, Rolo (@dunksrnice) and Sam (@thesamgraves), on a beautiful Saturday evening in Carmel, CA. From a personal standpoint, as a fan of both Elissa and Marvin's work, I felt very privileged to have been a part in helping document their special day. It's also an awesome thing, being able to photograph alongside like-minded individuals that share the same yearn for creativity and imminent excitement whenever they pick up a camera.

Elissa & Marvin's wedding was the kind that one would envision as if they were in a dream - from the gorgeous venue, to Elissa's beautiful dress, to the details throughout the entire ceremony, everything was executed wonderfully. Sure, they strayed away from the "traditional wedding", which is what they had aimed to do in the first place, but they definitely did it in all of the right ways. Congratulations, once again, Elissa & Marvin!