Travel · Paris · May 2018

Just a month and a half after my trip to Japan, I found myself once again on an overseas flight – this time to Paris, France – for my first time to Europe with Alex and Xavier.

While most people tend to enjoy touristy sightseeing whenever they are on vacation (and yes, we surely did our fair share of that), some of the best parts of our trip look place while walking around a less-busy part of the city, getting lost and taking photos. The café culture in Paris was one of the coolest things I've ever personally experienced, where it’s the norm to grab a coffee and croissant – often times with a friend – sit outside of a café, and just hang out, people watch, and talk for hours on end. Back in the US, cafés are more widely popular among the millennial crowd as not only a hangout spot, but likewise as a place to bring your laptop to be productive and get work done. Another thing I noticed about Paris (and perhaps Europe, in general..?) is that walking/taking public transportation is very much so encouraged to get around the city – friends that had visited in the past even told me that "Europeans don't believe in escalators or elevators", and I can now attest to that statement. We walked ~10 miles a day, with half of that sometimes on cobblestone or dirt, but I can confidently say that I would do it again in a heartbeat. Although our feet were sore day-in and day-out, our hearts were definitely full. 

Having an opportunity to visit the City of Lights for my first time in Europe was nothing short of a dream, and I couldn't have asked for better company. While these photos may not accurately depict the jokes made, laughs shared, and everything in-between, I'm personally very proud of these images and can't wait for my next trip back to Europe. Au revoir, Paris... This certainly won't be the last time!