Engagement · Francia + Leo

First off, I hope everyone had a safe and smooth transition into the new year! 2017 was filled with tons of great memories, but I can't help but feel pure excitement for the travels I have lined up for this first half of 2018! That's all I will say for now... You'll just have to wait and see where my travels take me in the near future!

First engagement session of the new year was definitely a fun one -- can't ever go wrong with beautiful weather and beautiful locations, especially when a couple is as fun-loving as the one I had the pleasure of working with. Francia and Leo were naturals, and their two dogs were absolute sweethearts. Clairon Alley in the Mission, in particular, made for some awesome art-inspired shots, adding a grungier-vibe to the mix of images we took that day. We'll be revisiting them soon, only next time will be on their wedding day day in August of this year!